Adrienne Walnoha Chief Executive Officer
In 2001, I joined the team at CHS in the Homeless Programs. Just a year prior, I had never heard of CHS. Then I met members of Operation Save a Life while working as a supported housing planner and fell in love with the asset based approach CHS had to serving people. I have held 3 different positions at CHS and found each one challenging and rewarding. Currently, as CEO, my primary focus is ensuring CHS has the resources it needs to provide a wide array of flexible, person-centered supportive services. I work closely with the board and the staff of CHS to understand the needs in our community and how we can help our neighbors meet those needs and achieve their personal goals. I have an open door policy at my office so stop by and see a video of me bungee jumping, my local art collection and tons of pictures of our hairless cats.

Jeremy Carter Chief Housing Officer
Before coming to CHS, I worked on community outreach initiatives with different organizations in Pittsburgh and worked across 30 Western PA counties helping homeless veterans transition into permanent housing. Seeing homelessness in everywhere from downtown Pittsburgh to the middle of nowhere Elk County, I gained a unique perspective on serving people in need of housing assistance. I joined CHS in 2014 as an ESG Case Manager and quickly fell in love with the organization culture and philosophy. Currently as the Chief Housing Officer, I am leading all of the Housing Assistance Programs. I ensure that we are always moving in a progressive direction to provide the best possible services to anyone in need of housing assistance, include new and innovative housing programs, enhance our existing programs with best practices and housing trends, and work with Jon and Adrienne on our housing stock portfolio.


Brandi Harrison Chief Residential Officer
I joined CHS in 2009 as the Program Director at Wood Street Commons with a background in Social Work and Non-Profit Management. I quickly realized that the values and philosophies of CHS are closely matched with my own personal values and love the strengths based approaches and innovation used at CHS. In my current role as Chief Residential Officer, I engage with staff, participants, and the community to ensure we are providing high quality residential and shelter services that match our mission and values each and every day. I am passionate about reducing mental health stigma and am also a trainer for Mental Health First Aid.


Jon Hoffmann Chief Operating Officer
I first came to CHS as a volunteer with the Operation Save a Life street outreach team while working at a statewide advocacy organization. Hooked by the strength-based, harm-reduction philosophy of the organization, I joined CHS as an employee after finishing my Masters of Social Work, with a focus on fundraising, communications, and policy. Now as the Chief Operating Officer, I play a leadership role in strategic planning, real estate, evaluation and process improvement, and fund and resource development.


Kristin Kramer Chief Financial Officer
I joined the CHS team in September 2014 as Controller and in 2016 became the CFO. I have 12 years of corporate experience and am exploring the non-profit side of business. I really enjoy coming to a job that supports so many individuals and helps the community. In overseeing the fiscal operations, I work with a great team to make sure things are flowing properly.


Paul Mosey Chief Technology Officer
After 15 years of pursuing the punk rock dream and waiting tables, I swallowed my pride and got a real job working with Mental Health consumers in the non-profit arena. With a few years running group homes under my belt, I was recommended to Phil Pappas as a potential computer guy with Mental Health and non-profit experience. I met Phil shortly after the birth of my only kid, Max, in 1997 and started at CHS. CHS take's pride in being a technology leader among Pittsburgh non-profits. We do everything (and I mean everything) in-house. I was the IT department until 2011 when Scott came to help.